Goal Update

Up dating my goals. It feels so good to end the day knowing that I am kicking these post travel blah’s in the ass!

sriracha rooster

small sketch with big dreams. watch for this in an up coming project.


1. 2 loads of done- Check in fact I have done 4- yes at anyone time in my house there is just that much laundry to do.

2. Meatless Monday dinner- Check, I am so full, Vegan Pad Thai anyone? I did not miss the fish sauce or shrimp paste at all!

3. Draw 1 picture- Check, small but sweet- goes along with one of my favorite mantra’s Make something- Anything… you just have to start.

4. Trace Sewing Pattern-  Check, I have a new (old) vintage pattern from 1969, rather than cut up the original pattern I traced it. (watch for a new old dress).

5. Organize my entryway- Check, no body else noticed, but hey just knowing I made that small extra effort today is good enough for me.


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