Make Laundry Day more Enjoyable DIY

Last Week was all about Goals- mostly house goals. Every day I made a list of 5 things that I wanted to accomplish- with the exception of Wednesday I only had time to do one. However, the main goal that kept reoccurring was Laundry… and I hate Laundry! I love clothes, I hate laundry and as a family of four (2 six, almost seven year olds), we generate a lot of it. The options are don’t do it and maybe my husband will do it or make it more enjoyable. Option one is not really an option and option two seems a little far fetched. All that sorting, loading switching, folding and then putting away? Well I found a way to make the washing part of it a little more bearable by re-visiting making my own laundry soap.

diy laundry detergentI didn’t make liquid soap this time, I wanted an activity that I could do with my daughter that was fast, simple & inexpensive plus she wanted to gift it to her classmates for Earth Day- liquid was going to be too messy. So I measured, she grated and combined the ingredients and then packaged them up in sweet little bags for her classmates. I got great smelling clothes and she got a little know how.diylaundrysoap

Basic Laundry Detergent Recipe

  1. 1 cup Washing Soda (different than baking soda)
  2. 1 cup Borax*
  3. 1 Bar of soap (avoid any with added moisturizers) I used some hippy brand with added lavender oil to a slight scent.
  4. essential oil optional

Mix all ingredients together. 2 Tbsp = 1 regular load of laundry

*Borax  can be toxic in high levels


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