House and Home Numbers Bunting Tutorial

We just got our house painted and somewhere in the process we lost our home address numbers. They were vinyl sticky on things that were ugly with a capital U.  I wasn’t sad to see them disappear. The painters even said that they could put them back up and I think they could tell by the look on my face that I was not all that excited about it, and they never came back… Oh well…being a crafty inventive kind I got around to making my own and if you are so inclined you can to. Here is a short tutorial on how to make your own house numbers!House and Home Numbers

House & Home Bunting Tutorial

I used heavy canvas, they are outside and need to hold up… We have a four digit number so I cut four triangles… Figure out how big & how many you need? Do you want them to be subtle or seen from a distance? hand printed fabric

I then lined mine with single width bias tape… but you can zig zag stitch or pink the edges, I wanted trim to match my house trim.single fold bias tape

center bunting banner

Find the center of the length you need and use that to center your numbers.

I figured out the length I needed for the top trim plus some, folded it in half, marked with a pin. Then Pinned one triangle to either side  so that it would be centered when hung.

I used iron-on numbers, but you could also paint them on, next week I will share a stencil tutorial.iron numbers

Then hung… no-one is going to miss my house. I might play around with the placement but for now this will do… I lost a glass of champagne in the process of hanging.

Front Door


Come back Next week and I will show you some stencil ideas!


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