Obsessed with Fabric Obsessed with Food

I love fabric and I love food, that I am sure is no secret by now. I am also trying to be more creative with it. I am doing more silk screening, and block printing to learn how I can make my own large scale  designs… But what do I do with the remnants that I am making? They are still good, still creative, but not big enough to fashion into garments! I am also as you know infinitely obsessed with the kitchen and eating good food…

Eat bunting banner

“Keep it in the Kitchen” EAT

My whole journey since motherhood has been about melding my passions for food, art and sewing and as a stay at home mum my interests lay within the domestic realm. How do I make it exciting and something I want to do everyday? I create! I Create things to honor the home and simple acts, such as Eating. I can not say this enough, we eat every day and eating even a simple meal should be something to be celebrated!

(forewarning shameless plug next) Enter in Kitchen Accessories … So check out my Eat Bunting Banner in the Accessories section of my shop! (I am moving away from aprons until I can start designing my own large pieces of fabric- my ultimate goal is to create one of a kind aprons and garments).

Yes I was totally inspired by my House Numbers Bunting, and I know I still owe you a tutorial on stencilling numbers onto your fabric to create special messages- Please stay tuned, that will be up next. And please remember if you find anything useful in my blog please feel free to share it with your friends!




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