I am at it again…. Fork Knife

What am I at again? Design-y stuff… I really am getting carried away and closer to my ultimate goal of designing my own fabric for use on my own aprons and cocktail dress designs… plus I am having fun along the way. Getting down with a Fork & a Knife.

Fork Knife Print

Hand Carved Fork Knife

This is my latest project… combining kitchen, and fabric.

fork knife tea towel

Printed Fork Knife Tea Towels (in my shop) with flatware.

I am printing on fabric using a hand carved stamp and then stencilling blocks of colour.

fork knife tea towel

random colour in the positive space

fork knife tea towel

With packaging- using my stencils on paper.

I find the most fascinating custom fabrics are the ones that use multi processes such as two colours from one screen or two methods of application.

I am also getting fancy with Colour!

fork knife print

Fork Knife tote bag

fork and knife print on tote bag

Close up of Lime Green Fork & Knife

Tea Towel, Tote bags oh my…. Starting on fabric for an Apron!

Tell me what you think… what reminds you of the Kitchen?


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