The Easiest Breeziest Summer Mango Ice Cream Treat…. Ever

This easy breezy Summer Recipe was one of those accidental recipes…. I had bought a container of mango slices from Trader Joe’s and then promptly forgot about it. When I found it a few days later the mango was on the cusp of being over ripe. We all have textural issues with food, and this is one of mine. Instead of composting it, I reinvented it as ice cream, without the cream** aka sorbet!

mango ice cream recipe

Borrowing from my pantry I found a can of mango pulp*, already sweetened, combined with some slightly over ripe slices of mango it made a perfect mango ice ‘cream’.

quick mango ice cream recipe

This is not so much of a recipe but more of a method:

Use approximately one clamshell pack (I think each pack is about 8 oz- and I ate a couple of slices when I first brought it home- so exact measurement isn’t exact) of slightly over ripe fresh sliced mango from Trader Joe’s (alternatively- you can cut up your own fresh slices), combine with one 28oz can of mango pulp in a food processor or blender puree until mostly smooth… I still had small pieces of fruit in mine and it was delicious,  breaking up the  purely silken texture!  

Pour into an ice cream maker and let it do the work… or another much longer and more work option is to freeze in a freezer proof container, make sure you you scrape it and stir it every so often… you are not going for an ice cube!

Once the ice cream maker has done it work, pour into a freezer proof bowl and freeze until needed.

Serve this on your next sizzling summer day.

*You can find mango pulp at many asian food stores, it is the sweetened pureed flesh of alphonso or totapuri mangoes  often used for making indian yoghurt lassi’s and other condiments.

**This is a great vegan option as there was no cream used in this recipe.


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