Pillow me once Pillow me again.

Yup made new pillows… A couple of years ago I made some pillow covers, we were living in an attic apartment, our main living space consisted of bean bags low shelving and a couple sky lights- no full sized windows hence the need for bright busy patterns…

Before- bright pattern to cheer up a dark space.

Before- bright pattern to cheer up a dark space.

As nice as it was having minimal furniture as soon as we moved into a real full sized abode we bought a couch. Two years later I have finally updated my pillows. I found some home decor fabric that caught my eye and was on sale to boot… I knew I would be recovering something soon. I have several home improvement projects on the go and one of them must need fabric right…Right?  Pillows were the last thing thing on that list but then I saw a quick and super easy pillow tutorial– one of those- “why hadn’t I thought of that?” kind of DIY…. Thank you Mandi of Vintage Revival

I used her tutorial as a guide but realistically once I got the gist of it, it was pretty simple- fold make an envelope, sew some seams… you don’t even need to follow her size guidelines (but if you have never sewn or are new to sewing by all means stick to it, you won’t be disappointed).

Handmade Pillow case

After- Matching the Couch Style.

I had 18″ pillow forms that had shrunk up a but from being squished so I took her recommendation and made my pillows cases 1.5″ smaller, this makes them plump when filled with the forms. The other thing that I did that wasn’t listed in the tutorial but in my opinion gives the finished product a polished look was clip the corners and press the seams open before I turned but then again I am obsessed with pressing and easily spend as much time ironing my seams as I do sewing sewing them.


Finished Pillow Cases.

I loved the way they turned out- what do you think?

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