Opportunity Knocks…dealing with feedback.

Sometimes we get negative feedback, it happens, but what do you do about it? Rather than dwelling on it, it is the the perfect opportunity to turn it into a positive learning experience. 

thank you

1. Listen to your customer, what are they saying? Don’t listen with the intent reply, listen with the intent to hear/understand.  When I first read the feedback I wanted to defend myself and my practices.

2. What does your customer want? They are usually telling you, so address that. Is it something you can fix? Remember it is not about you… it is about them, they feel like they have been wronged.

3. Offer a solution, go the extra mile. As a handmade business it is what separates you… It is your thoughtfulness that they are going to remember. I recently bought a new power cord, it had a 60 day warranty, on the 63 rd day it broke. When I contacted the company they gave me a one sentence reply ” we have a 60 day warranty”. They did not address me by name, they did not offer a solution, and they didn’t offer an apology for a defective product. Needles to say I will not be shopping from them again.

4. Thank them for their feedback… it is what is making you a better business. Maybe you don’t necessarily agree with them but there is something there that you can improve on. My particular complaint was about how the goods arrived… Yes I packed it well, however it was mis-handled by the post… I can’t prevent poor treatment in transport but I can do everything possible to ensure that it gets there as safe as possible- even if treated bad. Having the customers feedback allowed me to improve my service, without it I would have not changed my packaging and would no doubt eventually received a complaint in the future.

All feedback should be an opportunity to learn. You can even learn from good feedback, what was the customer saying. Listen to the aspects of their exchange with you. You are providing them with a service but they are also providing you with valuable insight. If they enjoyed your service/product chances are someone else will to!



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