A Kitschy Kitchen Cyber Monday Holiday Sale

A Kitschy Kitchen is jumping on the holiday band wagon! I am having a Cyber Monday Sale…

Cyber Monday Sale A Kitschy Kitchen

Cyber Monday HolidaySale

Here are the details…

It is kinda like the more you spend the larger the larger the discount…  This will be my last sale of the year… maybe EVER! I am trying to figure out if I should keep keep my shop open??? (I still need a crafty outlet- so at this time it is up in the air) I mentioned a few months ago that “I know what I want to be when I grow up” and well that may mean leaving a few things behind, most of my clay gear is now sold and I am moving onto the second phase, clearing out my stock… I love my Kitschy Kitchen goods, my aprons and other fun little items but my next evolution is surface design and to move onto that I need to make space (I may need to make space for some other things but  more about that later)! I have loved every second of this journey and I can’t wait to move forward on this topsy turvy roller coaster ride… I hope you stick around!

The Couponcodes  for A Kitschy Kitchen are:

GIFT350 $3.50 off of $6-20 dollars

GIFT800 $8.00 off of $21- 40 dollars

GIFT1500 $15.00 off of $41-60 dollars

and finally

GIFT2500 $25.00 off of $61 or more!

Stock up on gifts, and buy yourself a little something too!

Oh the “Some Restrictions”  are… minimum purchase is $6 excluding shipping. 

Sale ends Tuesday December 3rd at 9pm PST


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