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Me as A Housewife.

I have been called a domestic engineer, creative household CEO, boss, and a few other names probably not worth repeating, but the one name, what my primary role is, I usually shy away from. That is Housewife. Any why is that? I try on seamstress, Apronista (my current favourite), hipster homemaker, artist and maker. I am … Continue reading

Core Values.

I was Inspired to write out my “System” today by a post on Handmadeology  in their article 10 Things I wish I knew while running my first creative business. What I wrote wasn’t so much my system as it was a start to my ideology…   Because what emerged was more about my Core Values… I want to create … Continue reading

Here it is the Original Hot Voo Doo apron

I wanted to make a full styled bibbed apron that was 100% my design… Making something new is important to me. I love taking old influences, mixing them with new and coming up with my interpretation. The Hot Voo Doo apron: I asked my friends & colleagues to help me name it on facebook. There were so many … Continue reading

The Art of Eating Good Food….

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is that we are doing and devote our attention to eating”. by Luciano Pavarotti This is the passion that drives me, it is why I cook good food for my family, it is why I make aprons, it is why so much … Continue reading

Experience is everything.

I am exhausted. My husband has been away for 6 days now and is still away for another 3. I started off strong but as the week wears on I get more and more tired, bitter, grumpy impatient, etc and so on… So what do you when that happens? Go out for ice cream… We went … Continue reading

Work Progress and Process….

Progress on my upcoming show is coming along great. I have about a dozen of these little guys, and the more I make the more ideas I have. I could see how this simple process can become something more. I can take it so many different directions!  I even put one in a frame/hoop as … Continue reading

New Simple Work.

It has been a while since I blogged anything, there has been a lot of shit stuff going on, so I had to drop all of my extra responsibilities and just focus on the important ones. However one that I did not drop was a  month long show of my work… egad!!! Bellingham is so … Continue reading

Use Every Scrap and make it Count.

Use Every Scrap and make it Count Cute. I have several odds and ends of fabric that aren’t big enough to make aprons but may be useful else where.. I want to stick with the home/entertaining theme so I whipped these up. There is a Turquoise and brown Set as well as a Polka Dot … Continue reading

quickie post about ipiccy.

Since the demise of picnik, and my complete lack of iphoto/photoshop prowess I have turned to ipiccy for my photo edit needs (I tried a few and a few more ). It is simple, easy to use and gives me what I want, something to use on my product shots. And for those that love layers- it … Continue reading