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Make your Own Bowl Cover: Tutorial

Make your Own Bowl Cover: Tutorial

Last Thursday’s post was about a lonely bowl that needed something more.. That more was a handy cover to keep it’s contents secure. There are Three ways to get one for yourself… 1. Win it!!! 2. Buy it, or 3. Make it! Here is the Make It tutorial I mentioned last week. What you need. … Continue reading

How to get Kids to Eat on a sick day.

I promised my little ones Grilled Cheese and Soup today… A nice simple comfort food and a perfect remedy for a sick day. My son spent most of the day sleeping curled up in a thick blanket on pillows and my daughter most of the day colouring while I worked.  This is/was their first stay at home … Continue reading

Art Tote bag made by my big Winnings!

This past February I won some fabric from Contemporary Cloth. I was at a scientific conference with my husband and all of his colleagues thought I was a bit batty for doing a little seat jig during lunch. Wouldn’t you? My Favourite little carry all bag finally bit the dust, so I picked it apart and made a new one … Continue reading

I hate being a rule breaker… (sometimes)

If you have a facebook page for your business, a little something to note…Keep it Simple. No call’s to action, no promotions,  and no obvious advertisements, otherwise you stand the chance of losing your page. Everything Etsy Does a great Job of explaining the ins & outs. Here are my updated pages, and my call to … Continue reading

honesty…simple, craftsmanship, hard work.

Not ready for this post yet… I want to say something about craftsmanship, handmade and value… I understand that mostly it is subjective but the value, my value comes from me and I am struggling with it. When I see something that someone has picked up at a thrift store for mere $’s.  Reposts/sells for … Continue reading

Just Make Something…anything….

I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish in the making department. I am having guilt & worry about not getting stuff done and not having the time for it. It is one of those self fulfilling prophecies, the more I fear time the more time I waste…thus getting nothing done. So I am kicking myself in the butt … Continue reading

Dresses for little Girls & Pants for a Sophisticated young Man.

This was the Post I had planned on doing while on vacation. But first a bit about our mini vacation. Each year my husband attends a Huntington’s Disease therapeutics meeting in Palm Springs. This meeting is instrumental for dialogue, kick starting ideas, debating and sharing between scientists, members of the HD community and others who have a vested interest. The fantastic location, … Continue reading

Did a Little Work on Aprons this week.

Updated My Aprons By Kitsch in the Kitchen page, added some sweet additions for Valentine’s day and started adding some spring themes. Stop By and Take a look, would love to know what you think. Stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day Sale.

Diversity of theme, working on ideas.

I like seeing what other artists and makers do. Being exposed to diversity of theme, really gets my creativity going. I find even if it is a simple motif, there is a huge array of interpretations. From Whimsical to serious, crafty to artistic one simple idea can be worked in many ways. Even if I just want to … Continue reading