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Deleting this blog!!!

I thank you all for your thoughtful comments and interest in my recipes, inspiration and crafts!!! It has been fun but I am deleting this blog…  I know whenever we put ourselves out there in Internet land we make some sort of impact, some times it is just visual noise and other times it is … Continue reading

Pillow me once Pillow me again.

Pillow me once Pillow me again.

Yup made new pillows… A couple of years ago I made some pillow covers, we were living in an attic apartment, our main living space consisted of bean bags low shelving and a couple sky lights- no full sized windows hence the need for bright busy patterns… As nice as it was having minimal furniture … Continue reading

Quick Update

I have not had much time this summer, kids out of school, family functions, moving house & home and finally my father passing away unexpectedly. This past Friday I hung out at the Vancouver airport showing off my craft and labour of love during “Take off Fridays“. What an enjoyable way to spend my first … Continue reading

How to get Kids to Eat on a sick day.

I promised my little ones Grilled Cheese and Soup today… A nice simple comfort food and a perfect remedy for a sick day. My son spent most of the day sleeping curled up in a thick blanket on pillows and my daughter most of the day colouring while I worked.  This is/was their first stay at home … Continue reading

Short & Sweet… my day in Seattle (2 hrs)

A really really fast Gallery tour to see ceramics presented in Seattle WA for the NCECA conference. The first are by the ceramic artist Christa Assad. Christa Assad Christa Assad Christa Assad These are painted canvas with spray paint & cans with the same graffiti motifs. I was power  walking to get to the galleries before they closed … Continue reading