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(not quite) Wordless Wednesday

(not quite) Wordless Wednesday

I haven’t done a not so quite wordless Wednesday in a while… Here is a photo from the private booth at our favorite Bar in Bellingham! It is a great spot to have a quiet conversation and sip a vintage cocktail… Shh don’t tell anybody, my favorite is The Last Word. Next time you are … Continue reading

Switching Gears…

We are well into the second week of school,  things are going well. It is good to be back into routine especially after our summer.    After their boppa died (my father) and moving homes we welcome the change to get back into more normal things… I get to get back into my studio and … Continue reading

Inspiration Wednesday….Kitchen Lust.

I love cooking, I love design and these beauties caught my eye. I strained my head to see them as my husband whizzed us by. I resisted the urge to yell stop! Alas I wish I had, when I went back to the  shop, it was closed… Now I have to wait till I can get there … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday- almost….

I do many things, paint, sew, ceramics, cook, clean,  and other random stuff (most of which drives my husband crazy). If there is a crafty, artsy fartsy hobby to be had, I have probably tried and declared it my new love (also drives the husband crazy). But One thing I do not do well is … Continue reading

Inspiration For Wednesday

“he looked and he looked. he could see nothing there but a small speck of dust blowing in the air”  Horton Hears a Who – Theodor Geisel  aka Dr Seuss Reminding myself to look at things just a little but differently.

Wordless Wednesday

I caught this in the light,  starting to reveal itself. I took several pictures, but none captured that moment. Maybe next time, the timing will be right.