Aprons by A Kitschy Kitchen


Designs and reconstructed Vintage Apron patterns.

Why the Apron? I started sewing when I was about 12, that for the record gives me about 20+ years of experience. And though I picked it up and put it down over that time, my love for making things never wavered. When I couldn’t be making something with my hands I was in the kitchen making things from scratch. Often times I found that I was wiping sauces, flours and other stuff ( I have children) on my clothes. However I refused to wear an apron partly because of the stigma attached to them and partly because many were straight up ugly or plain (I hadn’t really discovered the vintage selections yet). So I got tired of looking for ones that I liked in the stores, ones that would show off my personality and well make me feel just a little bit better about having to wear something over my clothes (smashing dresses is another love of mine). When I found ones that I did like, they were not that well made. Seams frayed and ties fell off. Now they seem to be everywhere but are often still not that well made. That is when I turned to handmade and started making them for myself and my friends. I make them to be worn, day in and day out, to take wear and tear and then to be passed on to the next generation. Sometimes if I can find an awesome vintage fabric I will repurpose it into an apron.

kitchen scale

If you buy an apron from me, you are buying something that reflects your personality, something that you want to feel good in, look good in and be beautiful doing what you do every day. Whether you are making dinner, hosting a fabulous party or simply doing your daily chores, I want you to feel good. That is why each apron is one of a kind and handmade by me. My Aprons stand for quality, care and attention to detail.


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