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Flash Sale Apron Couponcode Flash20

Flash Sale Apron Couponcode Flash20

I am having a Flash Sale on top of the already Sale on all of my Aprons over $15…. In an effort to switch directions I am selling my beloved Aprons for an additional 20% off of the already marked down price. Spread the word! It’s time to get dirty in the kitchen! Cheers. Advertisements

A month of blogging to catch up on!

A month of blogging to catch up on!

This post is a long time coming. I haven’t blogged in over a month, granted February was a short month but for me it was so very long. It started off with the tots getting sick and then me getting sick. On the back of all that my husband has been interviewing for a new … Continue reading

Entertaining at a playdate made simple with a Kit!

Yesterday we had a playdate… My daughter wanted to have tea party… She carefully made place settings, we planned a menu (hot chocolate with whipped cream, sprinkles & cookies) I made place mats (she wanted butterflies),bought fancy dress up clothes, china and doilies… Since moving to our new home (6 months ago) we haven’t had … Continue reading

Me as A Housewife.

I have been called a domestic engineer, creative household CEO, boss, and a few other names probably not worth repeating, but the one name, what my primary role is, I usually shy away from. That is Housewife. Any why is that? I try on seamstress, Apronista (my current favourite), hipster homemaker, artist and maker. I am … Continue reading

Making Sugar Dough Fall Cookies

I get crazy ideas and a little carried away with themes and right now I am all about autumn so when I saw coloured cookie dough in fall colours on pinterest I had to do it… This was a great after school activity and a distraction from  sewing & working on my apron shop. I … Continue reading

Experience is everything.

I am exhausted. My husband has been away for 6 days now and is still away for another 3. I started off strong but as the week wears on I get more and more tired, bitter, grumpy impatient, etc and so on… So what do you when that happens? Go out for ice cream… We went … Continue reading